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April 08, 2011: Armed Forces Network, Bagpiper Down Range

Bill Millin is a Scotsman famous for bagpiping during the D-Day invasion at Normandy.  The Germans called him "Der Verrückte Dudelsackpfeifer" (the crazy bagpiper).  He passed away Aug 18, 2010:

Mar 17, 2009: WMV video of the U.S. Air Force Reserve Pipe Band in action at the Capital during  St. Patrick's Day, 2009. 

Oct 16, 2008: Air Force Times, Airman honors fallen troops with bagpipes

Dec 9, 2005:, Marine Corps Pipers

July 6, 2005:, Profiles: Lt. Col. Patrick J. Carroll Uses Music as Motivation

British Army School of Bagpipe Music and Highland Drumming
.  They do accept non-Commonwealth military personnel when space is available:
Let us know if you have find military bagpiping news or video clips worth posting here.

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