Coast Guard Bagpiping

Coast Guard Bagpipe Tunes:

      Visit the Tunes of the U.S. Coast Guard Pipe Band web page for details.

History of Coast Guard Bagpipes:

For the history of the bagpipes in the U.S. Coast Guard, see the U.S. Guard Pipe Band's history web page.

Coast Guard Events That Utilize Bagpipers:

  • Navy Retirement Ceremonies: 
  • Dining In/Out:
  • Funerals: 
  • Change of Command:
Coast Guard Tartans:

The U.S. Guard currently has U.S. Coast Guard Tartan:

For more information on the Tartan, see the U.S. Coast Guard Pipe Band tartan history web page.

None of the U.S. military tartans have been approved by the military bodies whose names they bear.

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